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A. Your Personal Data


B. Libraries

Select stellar evolution library

Select bolometric correction library

C. Control Parameters

Total number of 
computed  stars (n)
Number of stars
saved to output file (m
  Limiting magnitude for stars to be written in the ouput file

C-2. Mass loss at RGB and AGB

Mass loss parameter
at the RGB
Mass loss parameter
at the AGB 

D. Star Formation Rate

Two formats are possible
1. Provinding n sampling points: n, t[1->n], SFR[1->n],  (max n=20; t(n) is the present age (in Gyr) of the system)
2. Exponencial law of the form SFR=exp(t/-β): 1, T, β (T is the present age (in Gyr))

E. Metallicity Law

E.1) Defined by sampling points
Lower or unique law
Upper law (optional)
n, t[1->n],  Z[1->n] (max n=20, 0 to define
law by physical parameters: see below)
n, t[1->n],  Z[1->n] (max n=20, 0 to ignore)

E.2) Defined by physical parameters (all parameters 0 to ignore)

Lower or unique law
   Upper law (optional)
Starting Z (Zi)  
Starting Z (Zi)  
Final Z (Zf )  
<Final Z (Zf)  
<>Final gas fraction (μf)  
Final gas fraction (μf)  
Infall parameter (α)  
Infall parameter (α)  
Outflow parameter (λ)  
Outflow paramter (λ)  

F. Initial Mass Function

IMF: n, m [1->n], x [1->(n-1)]

G. Binary Stars

Fraction of binary stars (f)
Minimum mass ratio (q)
H. Random Number Generator


Note: If you receive an "internal server error" message, it means that the computation time (which depend on the input parameters) has exceeded a server-dependent time limit. However, this does not affect the iac-star job itself, which will complete and, when finished, send you an email with the download link.